Geoff Hannan Consultancy

>Whether with individual teachers, departments or on a whole-school level, Geoff Hannan’s consultancies are positive, motivational and strategy-centred: developed to have immediate and lasting impact.

>To further maximise impact, Geoff Hannan also can provide whole-staff twilight inset and work with students as a part of his consultancies.


This is Geoff’s flagship consultancy with a universally positive response from bookers. It will give you an expert outsider’s view of the teaching and learning in your school and suggest a range of strategies to enhance and develop improvements.

Centred on Geoff Hannan’s unrivalled experience as a consultant (including to the DFE and OFSTED!) it takes place over a single day and involves learning walks with Senior Leaders and debrief with the SLT. The consultancy is followed up with a written report and strategy suggestions tailored specifically to your staff.

During the learning walks, Geoff Hannan uses a quality analysis system he has developed to capture core aspects of teaching and learning. The system also highlights potential gaps in the students’ learning ‘diet’ and classroom experiences.  This is fully explained during the SLT session and electronic versions of the system are left with the school for future use and to capture progress in developments (under free copyright licence).  Geoff can also tailor the snapshot to look for specific aspects such as boys’ learning or literacy and core skills.

You may combine this consultancy with a twilight inset for all your staff (or just your school middle and senior leaders) at no extra cost.  This inset can centre on a standard theme such as ‘Raising Boys Attainment’ or deliver specific strategies suggested by the learning walks.

The SNAPSHOT consultancy may also be combined with Geoff’s ‘Examination Success’ Road Show for Year-11s  or the student/parent workshop element from his Y-6 programme (please see the student training page).


These consultancies from two days in duration use learning walks and classroom observations for a more detailed view (a mini-OFSTED if you like!). They are carefully designed to help improve the overall quality of your school’s work by highlighting areas for improvement. Unlike OFSTED they are also designed to be positive and motivational for your teachers.  Designed to raise expertise and attainment,  these consultancies are packed with strategies and ideas for teachers, departments and leadership.  Please take full advantage of Geoff’s time at your school with fully inclusive whole staff twilight/ group training sessions.

To discuss possibilities please contact us on 01686 670138 or email


Geoff Hannan works with school leaders, teachers and students themselves to improve exam results in English and Maths: from two-days to on-going involvement. Geoff Hannan has developed fast-track resources and teacher approaches to help to improve GCSE English and Maths which are available as part of these consultancies. Please contact for details.


Geoff Hannan has helped many schools to move out of ‘Special Measures’ and ‘Notice to Improve’ . These strategy-centred consultancies and staff training insets are developed around the needs of the school following observation and analysis.  Please contact for details.