Let us bring the parent and teacher of every boy and every girl into the close circle of their care.

Let us teach our children to be genuinely strong and independent then let us teach them to be inter-dependent:

To learn and to understand how we need each-other;

Let us allow and encourage and teach boys to honour their emotions;

Let us allow and encourage and teach girls to take their true and rightful place as equals;

Let us eliminate all forms of bullying;

Let us eliminate all systematic structures of failure for our young people;

Let us help children fully and frankly through adolescence;

Let us open-up;

Let us pick up upon the needs of the vulnerable and let us do it early;

Let us widen the basis of male acceptability and definitions of success so that winning and conflict won’t dominate his agenda;

Let us give all our children role models really worth having;

Let us cherish, love and respect our children more for what they are and less for what we would like them to be;

Let us cherish and acclaim and value our differences for these are what make us unique;

But let us also remember above all else that black and white, able and disabled, the quick and the slow, the old and the young, the woman and the man walk this earth together:

Let us help each other to be happy.

Geoff Hannan


Today’s children will be entering an adult world of rapidly developing technologies.  All of human knowledge is already accessible on a smart phone.  The future home, workplace and human progress will be increasingly driven by robotics and artificial intelligence; with our children engaging a future very different to our present.  Literacy and numeracy will, of course, be important but much future success will centre on the activities computers and AI cannot do: function emotionally and work collaboratively and creatively.

Our current education system (based on achieving prescribed standards) can create a formulaic approach where emotionality, creativity and collaboration take a back seat to 3Rs teaching; and where our children become passive receivers to an inflexible, taught and personally irrelevant curriculum.

We need a classroom rich in activities that help our children develop pro-social behaviours and collaborative approaches; where emotional intelligence and Metacognition are high on the agenda; and empowerment and creativity take centre-stage.