Bookers and Testimonials


Geoff Hannan’s Bookers Include:                                                                                DFE, Secondary Heads Association, Headmasters’ Conference, NCSL, National Union of Teachers, National Health Service, Centre for Education Management
LOCAL AUTHORITY BOOKERS: Aberdeenshire, Argyle and Bute, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol. Bucks, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Derby, Dorset, Doncaster, East Sussex, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Highland Council, IoW, Leicestershire Lincolnshire, Manchester, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Pembrokeshire, Reading, Rochdale, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Rochdale, Sandwell, Somerset, Stoke, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton. LONDON BOROUGHS: Barnet, Chelsea, Hackney, Lewisham, Newham, Waltham Forest, Southwark
STATE SCHOOLS: over 600 Primaries, Secondaries and Consortia
PRIVATE, PUBLIC SCHOOLS: circa 100 including Haberdashers’ Askes’, Uppingham School, Eton, Bristol Cathedral Schoo,l Solihull School, Gordonstoun, Charterhouse
London, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Sorbonne, NYU, Havard

Geoff Hannan’s Books and Publications
Equal Opportunities/Gender Blackwell 1991
Tutor Group Work Blackwell 1992
Can Boys Do Better? SHA 1997
Improving Pupils’ Performance Croner 1997
Collective Management/Team Blackwell 1992
Improving Boys’ Performance Folens 1999
IMP: A complete system for Successful Behaviour Management Heinemann 1999
Improving Boys’ Performance Inset Pack Folens 2000
Effective Schools Centre For Education Management 2001
Gender Strategies for Improving Teaching and Learning CD Rom TCI 2003
Key Strategies for Improving Teaching and Learning DVD and Training Pack TC1 2006 Outstanding Teaching, Outstanding Learning, Outstanding Leadership GHP 2012 The Examination Success Workbook GHP 2015 Fast-track Maths GHP 2015  ALL AVAILABLE FROM US DIRECT AT

“A British Education Guru with important things to say to our children, parents and teachers. Charismatic, entertaining, brilliant but above all else, down to earth.” New York Times
“Rarely do we see someone with Geoff Hannan’s powers of communication: an actor, comedian, writer and expert combined to enthral everyone from the grey-haired professors in the stalls to pink-haired punks in the balcony.” Paris Soir
“You can’t help but agree with everything he says!”
Times Educational Supplement
“Unanimous acclaim from his audience!”
Times Educational Supplement/Scotland
“His work has had a terrific impact on the schools he has visited.”
“To see him work with the children, then with the teachers, and then with the parents is to understand what makes him the country’s leading and most sought-after educational trainer.” Guardian

Examples of feedback from Individual  teachers and schools

“I attended one of Geoff’s courses in Bristol many years ago and as one of my lessons today was judged as outstanding, I am doing what I always promised to do – write and thank him. I have been teaching for 21 years and have attended much training of varying quality during that time. Geoff’s course is the one I would pinpoint as having the most impact on my practice and I find myself returning to his advice time and again. I have also run INSET training at school using Geoff’s materials and again many teachers site it as having changed their practice fundamentally. The course and training materials are full of things that actually work and become so embedded in your practice that it’s hard to remember what you did before or even realise the fundamental impact its had many years later in improving your practice. Many of the things I have developed as a classroom teacher have their roots in Geoff’s training. So, I just wanted to pass on my thanks!”

“You exceeded my already high expectations.” Headteacher, St James’ Primary School, Sandwell

“Thank you for an excellent training session.  I’m sure you receive consistent feedback with the same message…the staff enjoyed your session, with many comments like ‘best INSET ever’!”   Headteacher, Oldfield Secondary School Bath

“I very much enjoyed your sessions on Friday and there was a real buzz at lunchtime with everyone talking about them – a real impact. On a personal level, having worked with you when you visited William Brookes (many years ago now…), I have found the ‘three stages of communication’ a fantastic approach to behaviour management, as well as lesson planning and delivery and have used the ‘go for five’ more times than I can count – always well received by learners…” Vice Principal, Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology

“Thank you once again for your excellent presentations at Dollar Academy.  From our point of view, it proved to be a very successful day – in fact, one of our Heads of Department burst into the Deputy Head’s office the next morning insisting that the person who booked you be congratulated.  I trust that my Deputy gave me all the credit!” Rector, Dollar Academy Scotland

“The feedback has been excellent and a great number of staff have been talking about how inspirational (and immensely useful) it was.”  Adam Williams, Principal, Glasgow Academy